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What platforms will our photos be shared on?

After your event, we share your photos on a variety of platforms, including our website, the event facebook and twitter pages, as well as our own. The photos are then shared by the participants, so the potential of

What are the benefits of having

Here is a breakdown of numbers of one of our recent events:

2,000 - number of event participants

28 - amount of hours between the event finishing and the completion of all photos being tagged and uploaded

4 - amount of hours between the first wave running and the first photos being available online

 - Total number of likes received on the promotional album on social media

We already have event sponsors - how would this work?

We are more than happy to speak with your existing event sponsors, to agree a package to provide your event with free photos. They are just as important as any new sponsors are, as well as having the ability to strengthen your existing relationship with them.

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