About Us - epicactionimagery

Epic Action Imagery were formed in 2012 following the re-branding of Espressivo Photography. In a few short years, Epic have developed a strong reputation for high quality race imagery with a keen focus on customer service. Epic work on a range of high profile events covering some of the most recognised international brands including:

City of Norwich AC - Trowse 10k

City of Norwich AC - City Centre Classic

City of Norwich AC - Norwich Half Marathon

Spartan Race - UK

Spartan Race - eastern Canada

Dead End Race

Dirty Dozen Races

Viking Race

Polar Hero

Pukka Races

Super Splash 5k

Dorians Challenge - Cyprus

Rushwood Race

Ipswich Half Marathon

Kings Lynn Bespak 10k

Les Mills GFX

AoC Sport National Finals

Tough Mudder (UK & Ireland)*

The team at Epic are well versed in working quickly and to an exacting professional standard. Years of experience capturing professional sport and meeting demanding deadlines from newspaper picture desks has developed their approach. The experience of professional sport also means that the team are use to telling a story of an event with their images. When we cover your event, you will have teaser race images available on the same day to share on social network or to send to media outlets to spread the word.

We're well versed in handling high volumes of images from events with many thousands of competitors. Our back office systems using advanced Amazon S3 technologies means we can move images from site to the admin team quickly and securely. 

We're also used to high traffic through the website. Between 1st May and 1st December 2014, we had 17 million page views from 196,000 unique visitors. Our site, hosted by Smugmug on Amazon S3 servers, copes with spikes in visitors in the days immediately after an event. We currently host over 1,500,000 images on the site. 

The team at Epic are equipped to capture action! All our photographers use professional level gear that can deliver the right results in any conditions. We are highly selective of our team members and currently have over 80 photographers registered with us. 

The central team are well versed in professional workflow and are experienced with a range of software including PhotoMechanic, Photoshop and Lightroom. This means that we can create unique custom edits and effects that connect to your brand. 

In addition to race photography, the core team at Epic offer promotional photography, product photography, portraits and graphic design. 

If you would like to talk about Epic being your photographers, drop them a line at info@epicactionimagery.com or via the Contact Us link on the top menu bar.

Epic Action Imagery Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales. 

Registered number - 101156823

Registered office and correspondence address: 

6 Henhurst Farm, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. DE13 9TE

* Tough Mudder images are captured on behalf of Gameface Media, a US based specialist in sports photography. 

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